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  • Qingdao Beizhai Cherry Festival

    Qingdao Beizhai Cherry Festival

    December 15 , 2014

    Activities include opening ceremony, visiting cherry orchards, tasting cherry, visiting people in the mountain, cherry picking competition, scenic spots sightseeing and agritainment (self-service) folklore tourism of Beizhai, land lease called “I have a plot in Beizhai”, folk art exhibition and p...

  • Green Radish Fair

    Green Radish Fair

    December 15 , 2014

    The Green Radish Fair of Qingdao has a long history, also called Clear Rivulet Nunnery Fair that is held in present-day Daokou road of Taidong in Qingdao every year. The nunnery is a Taoist temple which was built in the Yuan Dynasty and formerly known as the Jade Emperor temple. The temple dedicated...

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