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Qingdao West Coast New Area boosts with ocean economy

December 19 , 2014 -- Updated 7:12 GMT

The Qingdao West Coast New Area lies in a golden latitude, Latitude 36’N. Four Bay Area cities locate around it, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and Busan. The common ground they share is developed marine economy. The State Council approved to set up the Qingdao West-coast Economic New Area in June. It became the ninth Economic New Area in China.

German-style ecology adopted in the Area

Happy Community is the starting program for Sino-Germany Eco-park. This Eco-park has a perfect and detailed index system. All the data will be transferred to the cloud and then be scheduled by smart energy network in an energy-efficient way.  

International cooperation

The Sino-Korea Trade Cooperation Park aims to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of bilateral trade. This park will become the pioneer in China-Korea creative cooperation, as well as culture and talents exchange.

Cold chain program

Cold chain is the key for marine economy, helping to extend and ensure the shelf life. This program will reform the treading mode of aquatic products in Qingdao and also solve the problem of employment.

Industrial transformation

Haixi Bay in eastern New Area is one of the four ships and marine engineering manufacture base. So it provides natural and advantaged conditions for this area to develop marine economy.