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To build Qingdao Marine Silicon Valley by 2020

December 19 , 2014 -- Updated 9:12 GMT

At the picturesque Aoshanwei Town of Jimo City, the Phase I project of Qingdao Ocean Sciences and Technologies National Laboratory, nicknamed as ?the Core of the Marine Silicon Valley? will be built and delivered by the end of this July and the laboratory started to recruit among the world renowned scholars. In Qingdao, a batch of major investment projects related with marine economy like the national ocean laboratory are under construction and some other major investment projects related with marine economy, high-end and emerging industries are in the stage of signing contracts and accompanying the rapid and steady development of the Marine Silicon Valley in accordance with its development blueprint, Qingdao will have powerful intelligent support to become the leader in the marine economy in China.
     In this February, Qingdao Marine Silicon Valley Development Plan was official introduced and confirmed the planned area is 576 sq. meters including One Area, One Belt and One Park. The One Area is the core area of the marine valley; the One Belt is a southward extension from the core area along the Coast Avenue to Laoshan District Science and Technology Complex, it is an incubator for marine science and technology innovation and development and the One Park is Jiaozhou Bay North Park of Qingdao Hi-tech Zone and the planed land area is 63 square kilometers. Qingdao Silicon Valley intends to build itself into an international ocean science and technology education center, a national ocean science and technology pilot area and the new coastal science and technology town of Qingdao.
     Located at the north of Laoshan Mountain and along Anshan Bay, the core area of the marine valley covers 77% of the total area of the planned area of the silicon valley, it will be built into the R & D center of ocean sciences and technologies, ocean achievement and newly emerging industries incubator and talents attraction hotspot. In accordance with an official from Qingdao Municipal Marine Silicon Valley Administrative Committee, the silicon valley core area will stress the introduction of key projects in marine biology and drug, ocean high end equipment and ocean instrument manufacturing, ocean new materials etc. to the area and promote the development of the incubator in eight key fields i.e. ocean new materials, deep-water technology and equipment, vessel equipment and instruments, ocean biology and drug, ocean new energy, ocean energy-saving and environment protection, marine farming and seawater utilization and establish R & D platform open to the public.
According to the presentation of the responsible person, Qingdao is now sparing no efforts to promote the key projects including Qingdao Division of the 725 Agency of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, the Quality Inspection Center of the State Ocean Monitoring  Equipment, Aoshan Marine Comprehensive Experimental Base of the First Institute of Marine Research of State Oceanic Administration, Qingdao Base for National Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection, Qingdao Biyuntian Science and Technology Industrial Park, Qingdao Science and Technology Park of Harbin Institute of Technology, Qingdao ASUS SiC R&D Center and sea trial base and Technique Center of Jifa Group. And some of the projects will be contracted recently.
  At the same time, the key projects such as Shandong University Qingdao Campus, the State Laboratory of Qingdao Marine Science and Technology, the State Deep-sea Base, the New Energy from rivers and seas, Ocean Spring Resort by Hong Kong Travel Service Group, Wenquan resort of International Conference and Exhibition, etc. have been started. Shandong University Qingdao Campus which can accommodate 250,000 students after completion plans to enroll students in 2014.The science research ability of the State Laboratory of Qingdao Marine Science and Technology will occupy the first place after its completion.
  By 2020, with the completion of the marine silicon valley, Qingdao will be built into marine science and technology R&D Center and talented personnel attraction center, the incubator for the Marine Scientific and Technological achievements, the cultivation center for High-tech marine industry and the mainstay for China to develop the marine resource and marine economy.