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1500 electric taxis serve Qingdao from 2015

December 19 , 2014 -- Updated 9:12 GMT

To corresponding the advocating of new energy, more vehicles will put in use to enhance the upgrade of public traffic. By the end of this year, the electric bus will reach 1000 and another 4000 vehicles are expected to operate in the next year, including 1500 electric taxis.

To make these vehicles run a longer distance, its service, especially the charging service, will expand to express ways based on the dense stations in the city. Now there are 26 charging points for buses and another 8 are under construction.

The statistics showed that the 450 electric buses in Qingdao could reduce the thousands of tons of waste emissions and save much resources. When the new buses join the traffic, near one fifth of the buses in Qingdao will use electricity instead of gasoline.