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Construction of Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis is the rise of a global landmark

January 23 , 2015 -- Updated 1:01 GMT

[Translated by Catherine Lai]

Ever since the Oriental Movie Metropolis project came to Qingdao last year, it has been the center of attention among Qingdao residents. As a world-class project in Qingdao, the Oriental Movie Metropolis is the largest film and television industry park with the largest investment in the world, as well as Wanda’s top project in the past few years. Thus, the construction of the Metropolis has always attracted world-wide attention. After more than a year, the construction of the project is going smoothly.

Wanda pushes Oriental Movie Metropolis construction; rapid development

The Oriental Movie Metropolis is located at Qingdao’s West Coast New Economic Zone. The metropolis occupies an area of 5.4 million square meters and includes 8 functional areas: production studios, an international conference center, top international exhibition facilities, the Wanda Mao luxury entertainment and retail center, star hotels, a yatch trading center, a bar street on the marina, and an international hospital. All this will be forged into an international film and television cultural tourism center.

As Wanda’s top project of the past few years, the Metropolis has received full support from Wanda in terms of labour, materials, and financial support. The company also strengthened its cooperation with international film giants to consolidate global film and television funds in order to ensure the success of the project, which will form a Chinese version of “Hollywood + Disney”. Since entering the market, the Oriental Movie Metropolis has transformed daily, thanks to the efforts of Wanda and the Metropolis’ project groups.

Rapid completion of sea-facing apartments in May shocks Qingdao

The Oriental Movie Metropolis’ sea-facing apartments conform to Wanda’s 26-year housing standards. Using a flexible space concept, the detail-oriented design is top-quality, making the development suitable for living and renting out. The apartments are built by the sea, with 360-degree views of the ocean. This leisurely lifestyle is perfect for vacationers.

After the Metropolis is completed, it will host over a hundred groups who want to film there, several thousand film and television businesses, and hundreds of thousands of industry workers. Since it is at the heart of the West Coast New Economic Zone, more people will move in under the national promotion strategy. Many tourists and vacationers will be attracted by the ocean, which will create a huge demand for accommodation. Due to this, the Metropolis is focusing on creating seaview apartments to satisfy the housing demands of film and television workers, entrepreneurs, local residents and tourists. This is a main retail product of the Metropolis, as well as its prize investment.

With the completion of the seaview apartments this May, only 8 months since the start date of the Metropolis project, Wanda has proven its speed to Qingdao. This proves that Wanda has the commitment and ability to forge the biggest film and television park in the world. Currently, part of the apartments’ facades have already appeared. Following the handover of the apartments later, more people will be attracted to living here, spurring the development of the Metropolis.

Completion of Headquarters International offices; international film and television commerce center matures

In recent years, China’s film and television industry has been developing at a rapid pace. While the domestic industry has continued to strengthen, many overseas companies have established branches in China. The film and television chain is widespread and production cycles are complex; therefore, the industry leans toward one-stop film and TV industry clusters in order to satisfy the demand of film and TV companies for chain cluster offices.

The Headquarters International are the only product that China has produced especially for film and TV commercial operation. This is also the only office product in the Oriental Movie Metropolis. Relying on Lingshanwan’s hundred-billion film and television industry, the biggest film and television industry park in the world, the biggest indoor entertainment and commercial Wanda conglomerate, an international convention center, a bar street on the marine and other high-end elements, the Metropolis will be able to provide one-stop food, entertainment, retail, and convention services that completely satisfy the operational needs of international film and TV companies. According to estimates, 3000 film and TV companies will be established at the Metropolis and the international headquarters, which are tailor-made for film and TV companies, will naturally be favoured by the companies. The future Headquarters International are set to become a world-class headquarters base.

In August 2014, the Headquarters International of the Metropolis were officially completed. These represent the only office space in the world-class film and television industry park. This is a step that is full of contemporary significance, that can represent the image of the China film and television industry. It also represents the Oriental Movie Metropolis’ entrance into the heart of the international film and television industry, an important step for the project.

Oriental Movie Metropolis has unstoppable momentum; world-class landmark soon to appear in Qingdao

Qingdao’s Oriental Movie Metropolis project has been ongoing for a year. Most of the construction is progressing steadily, achieving enviable results. The seaview apartments, Headquarters International, and Wanda Mao have all been completed, and the world’s biggest film and television production park has been initiated. The ongoing construction gives Qingdao evidence of Wanda’s speed while bringing the Oriental Movie Metropolis one step closer to being the heart of international film and television.

It is certain that, under Wanda Group’s efforts, the construction of the Oriental Movie Metropolis will continue to progress stably and the construction of the other functional areas will start. With the agglomeration of various film and television resources, the entrance of renowned film and tv enterprises, and the signing of contracts with name-brand retailers, the Metropolis is progressing smoothly, and a prosperous world-class film and TV center will soon rise in Qingdao.

Grand opening of film and TV park in October signals rise of “Eastern Hollywood”

Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis’ production park occupies an area of 2 million square meters, which will surpass Hollywood to become the biggest film and TV production area in the world. It is also the world’s only production area to have an outdoor shooting area, production facilities, film release centres and a film and tv convention center. It will be China’s best film and TV industrial parks and one of the best in the world. The Metropolis encompasses mid-stream and down-stream film and TV cultural production, a complete production chain. It will become China’s most high-end film and TV cultural tourism one-stop shop.

The Metropolis is also a whole-chain film and TV base forged by an international team. Its CEO is TBS senior vice president Stephen Mensch, its COO is former FOX Studios Australia CEO Nancy Romano, and Pinewood Studios from England is providing consulting services for the design and construction of the Metropolis.

On Oct. 18, the Metropolis project began. With Wanda Group’s full support, its international development teams, and the attraction of its full production chain, the Metropolis is sure to be a world-class film and TV centre, making an indelible mark on the worldwide film and television platform.

Wanda’s main structure completed in November; accelerates formation of world-class entertainment giant

Wanda Mao is the world’s first mega-sized film and TV cultural tourism integrated project, innovatively conceptualized using Wanda’s many years of rich experience in commerce, culture, tourism, and the film and television production industry. It is fundamentally different from Wanda malls, because it is not focused on retail but on culture and entertainment - its retail percentage is less than 25%. All of Wanda Mao’s entertainment projects were built indoors, providing 365 days a year of comprehensive entertainment, effectively eliminating the effect of weather on entertainment activities.

The Oriental Movie Metropolis’ Wanda Mao uses international standards to build a world-class indoor theme park, water park, movie theme park, the biggest film city in Asia, a retail avenue, and an international skating rink. Not only does this create an exciting, never-before-seen entertainment experience, but it can also satisfy the demand for dining, shopping, leisure and entertainment, providing a one-stop experience. Using all these world-class, top indoor entertainment projects, Wanda Mao will completely restructure Qingdao’s tourism market, attracting a swarm of tourists from across the globe and becoming Qingdao’s world tourism landmark.

As a major part of the Oriental Movie Metropolis’ 8 functional areas, Wanda Mao’s main portion will be completed on Nov. 22. This will be a historic step for what is labeled a 360 000 square meter world-class entertainment giant. At the same time, the completion of Wanda Mao’s overall structure, which only took 9 months to complete, showed the world Wanda’s speed, increased confidence in the Metropolis, and created anticipated for Wanda Mao’s completion and operation.