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Qingdao seabed world

March 19 , 2015 -- Updated 1:03 GMT

Qingdao Underwater World is located at 2 Laiyang Road, Qingdao. It borders Luxun Park and No. 1 Beach, famous scenic spots in Qingdao. Underwater World covers an area of 7,000 m2 and a total of 4,000 tons of water. It is a large marine ecological tourist project jointly developed by Qingdao Aquarium and the Shangdong Luxin Investment Group with a total investment of RMB 220 million. Underwater World is composed of an inter-tidal zone, underwater tunnel and a four storey underground structure. All the exhibitions are underground. The intertidal zone is 35 m long, and the underwater tunnel is 86.2 m long and 2.5 m wide. The glass forming the arch of the tunnel is set at different angles and shapes such as 180o , 254 o, and a 360 o cylinder, or in a shape of window. Walking through the tunnel, visitors feel as if they are at the bottom of the sea. You can see fish of different sizes and species swimming around you and sharks playing with divers. On the fourth (lowest) floor of the underground structure, there are cylinder-shaped water tanks with a height of 7.6 m displaying precious coral marine life. The entire underwater world is surrounded by rocks that seem like underwater mountains. The unique geographic location and modern exhibits integrate resources such as Qingdao Aquarium, Marine Organism Sample Hall and Freshwater Aquarium. These features and the natural beauty in the surrounding environment make Underwater World one of the most distinct marine ecological parks in China. Underwater World combines underwater tourism with popular marine science. It is the first underwater project in Shandong Province. It is a unique scenic spot on the golden coast of Qingdao.

 Qingdao seabed world
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