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Qingdao Beizhai Cherry Festival

December 15 , 2014 -- Updated 6:12 GMT


Activities include opening ceremony, visiting cherry orchards, tasting cherry, visiting people in the mountain, cherry picking competition, scenic spots sightseeing and agritainment (self-service) folklore tourism of Beizhai, land lease called “I have a plot in Beizhai”, folk art exhibition and performance, commodities fair for subsidiary agricultural products and mountain products, negotiation on investment invitation, etc. The Beizhai Cherry Festival this year features a lot of new activities like 6 interesting cultural activities (“Beizhai cherry - winning game to be a hero (romantic date)”, “Tasting cherry in the cherry orchard - mountain climbing and flag seizing competition”, “Tasting cherry in the cherry orchard - joy in hunting for treasure”, “Tasting cherry in the cherry orchard - agritainment in chasing chickens”, “Love in peninsula – dating”, photography competition), and 10 themed event days, adding more pleasures and colors to the festival. The citizen can take part in the cherry festival by collecting newspaper clipping and have an opportunity of winning the entrance ticket for World Expo.